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Have you neglected your mind and body for too long? Do you want to give your life meaning again? Suffering from burn out or bore out and feel you’re worth more than the life you live right now? Do you want to inspire your teams and offer them a fresh outlook? What if you decided to take back control today? Hervé Franceschi, coach and professional speaker, will help you unlock your hidden potential and restore harmony to your life.

Business executives, managers, individuals, high-level athletes – whatever your background, we provide you with a personalised programme based on tried-and-tested techniques and tools to help you achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality.


Professional Talks

Develop your team potential

Exploring the ideas of well-being and happiness, Hervé Franceschi speaks at seminars and conventions to help teams grasp these principles in an original way and shows them how to put them into practice.

Ultimate Coaching

Excel yourself!

Based on a range of activities designed to help you achieve your goals, ultimate coaching enables you to push your personal limits. A programme of support provided over a period of 12 to 24 months, ultimate coaching takes into account your body, mind and deepest desires to unlock your potential.

Mental Preparation

Make the leap!

Focusing on potential, talent, motivation and the search for meaning, mental preparation is targeted at athletes and business executives wishing to boost their motivation and rise to challenges which often require them to surpass their own performance.

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Hervé Franceschi

Mental Preparer
& Ultimate Coach

A man of action with wide experience in the field, Hervé Franceschi also works with everyone aspiring to a more harmonious world. Enthusiastic, with a sense of wonder, he enjoys helping restore meaning to strategy, improving communication flows and ensuring organisations work in a more harmonious fashion.

He passes on his teachings with joy and pleasure through memorable coaching sessions and by giving innovative training and inspiring talks.

A member of the French Association of Professional Speakers (Association Française des Conférenciers Professionnels) and the Global Speaker Federation, he is the co-author of “L’Entreprise Humaniste, le management par les valeurs” (The Humanist Business: Values-Based Management) published by Ellipses. He also manages a company, Les Carnets d’Éveil.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

« Hervé has looked after the Bristol-Myers Squibb France COMEX on various occasions during seminars. His interventions and support have been mostly appreciated by participants, especially his ability to easily install a trust relationship and quickly understand expressed needs. His humanity, the wide variety of his experience and his great empathy have been key elements in these seminars devoted to team building and team efficiency. The work we have done with him on breathing and anchoring techniques has also had a very positive impact on the team dynamic. »

Julie Bensignor, Bristol-Myers Squibb France

« Listening to Herve Franceschi talking about trees is like feeling your feet rooting deep into the soil, your trunk standing up straight and the forest’s air and woody smells filling every bit of your lungs. Your arms aim at the sky, your shoulders are under the celestial heavens while your fingers are pointing to the stars. This greatly memorable experience celebrates both strength and tranquillity, highness and humility. Hervé keeps you involved by reviving your desire to climb trees and roll around in the leaves. He reminds you of your childhood joy, a welcomed enthusiasm that flows and nourishes you directly and naturally with sheer simplicity. Not only do you get to enjoy Hervé’s inspiring words, you also get to share with him in his love for trees. »

Charles-Maxence Layet, Harmoniales

« Herve Franceschi is first and foremost a bright and joyful presence that transports his audience with humour and passion. His conference offers a true experience of communion with trees. It is a profound connection experience for the attendees. His charism has touched and raised the public’s awareness on a subject that is still seldom discussed. »

Marie-Alix de Laugeiret-Neuville, Ananda Evenements

« Iconoclastic, curious, with a real feeling for people, Hervé is impossible to categorise because he's unique and definitely different. His approach is smart and he understands needs and expectations very quickly. He is very results-oriented, and wastes no time coming up with interesting and innovative proposals. I strongly recommend working with him: his high professional standards, open-mindedness and curiosity are contagious. There’s a before and after Hervé! »

Patricia Lorreyte, HR Director, Hub One

« Hervé gave a talk on joy at Manegere's client days in 2016. What makes him stand out? He has an immediate and kindly presence, a capacity to “stir” his audience by giving them a hands-on experience through activities with real immediacy, and the impact of his philosophy of life that he has decided to embody. He lives, shares and “breathes” what he says. Discover it and meditate on it to feel and then understand the link between joy and... excellence. »

Stéphane Flahaut, Associate Director, Managere

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